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How do we, black people, get the financial resources to elevate ourselves and our communities?  We learn HOW to play the political game...

Module 1: 

Our Political Black History - How did the black vote become the swing vote in America?

Module 2: 

The Real History of the Voting Rights Act - What happened in 1865 and 1964?

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BLACK CIVICS 101 is for "voters" and "non-voters" of all ages and designed to bring you up to "political speed".


BLACK CIVICS 101 will empower and teach you how to vote strategically to affect change. 


BLACK CIVICS 101 is taught LIVE and interactively via ZOOM in four weekly modules by Tamara Johnson-Shealey.  Each weekly module is 1-hour and taught on Tuesday's at 11am EST and Saturday's at 3pm EST.

Module 3: 

The Power of Voting Strategically - What in the world is Withhold The Vote?

Module 4: 

In Legislation Today... What bills are in the current Congress that specifically affect black people?

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"Black people will never win in the political game if we don't know how the game is played or who the players are..."  Tamara Johnson-Shealey

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