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Why is Rep. Lucy McBath Afraid of HR40?

Rep. Lucy McBath and Tamara Johnson-Shealey

Rep. Lucy McBath has a right to be afraid but she is afraid of the wrong thing. Rep. Lucy McBath is afraid of her white constituents when she should be afraid of not co-sponsoring HR40.

Rep. Lucy McBath is 1 of the last 7 Congressional Black Caucus Members who, currently, has not signed on as a co-sponsor to HR40, a bill to study reparations for African Americans. This is disturbing to the black constituents in her district who helped to elect her and her neglect is not going unnoticed. The #ADOS and the Withhold The Vote Movement is making its way directly into her district.

Sadly, I know all too well the demographics and the mindset of her district and this is not an excuse for Rep. Lucy McBath. The 6th Congressional District in Georgia is predominantly white and the white constituents vote for what is in their best interest. HR40 and any talks of reparations "might not" be in their best interest, so they think (more on this in a future blog).

I know this about the 6th Congressional District because I ran for the Georgia State Senate, District 40 in 3 consecutive cycles, 2014, 2016 and 2018 and Senate District 40 consists mainly of the 6th Congressional District. I also know this because in 2018 a "race-race" was ran against me and I know firsthand the repercussion of a white backlash. You see, being a voice to the black constituents in the 6th Congressional District is not something the white constituents go for and why a "race-race" was ran against me. When I ran, I was a voice to ALL people not just white people and for that I was made an example. Rep. Lucy McBath is afraid of HR40 because of how her white constituents "might" feel about reparations and she is afraid of being made an example of like me. Making an example of black people is rooted in the fiber of this country. When black people were punished, whipped and hanged other black people helplessly watched. That instilled fear in black people and secured white dominance and control. That same tactic still works today, particularly in politics.

Even still, Rep. Lucy McBath is afraid of the wrong thing and had better consider co-sponsoring HR40. Her black constituents, along with #ADOS and the Withhold The Vote Movement is mobilizing in her district. Winning her first election by a small margin and facing a challenger in 2020, not co-sponsoring HR40 could be a detriment to her campaign.

Learn more about #ADOS, and Withhold The Vote,

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