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Raphael Warnock, You Are On the Wrong Side of History Too

Yes, Kelly Loeffler is on the wrong side of history with her disregard, disrespect and disconnect from the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement BUT Raphael Warnock you are on the wrong side of history too. You do not have an agenda to address the need for reparations for the descendants of slaves in America. In a time when the voices of Black America must be heard and reparations is a demand, your candidacy does not even mention reparations. Instead, your candidacy is rooted in the “notoriety” of being Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the home of Martin Luther King, Jr., a position which it seems you are using to elevate your personal political career. You stated in an interview that you would continue to serve as Senior Pastor if you were elected to the United States Senate. Raphael, would Georgians not get the short end of the stick when you are “first” called to save the souls of your parishioners?

I know that we do not personally know each other but we definitely know “of” each other. Not only did you and I both grow up in Savannah, we were both students at Johnson High School. We were both on the Upward Bound Program at Savannah State College (University) and we both share similar stories of struggle. You see Raphael, I am the oldest daughter of a teenage mother and the second oldest to a father of 13 children, a homeless man in Savannah, who has been addicted to drugs all my life. Your struggle was no greater than mine and our struggles speaks to the need to address generations of injustices against our community. So Raphael, not having a plan for reparations is a hindrance to the progress of Black America and like Kelly Loeffler, that puts you on the wrong side of history too.

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