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Black America, Reparations is on the Ballot in Georgia

Yes, reparations is on the ballot in Georgia and I am BOLD enough to take this agenda to Washington! ...And in the words of Dr. King, "We're coming to get our check."

There is no need to debate that reparations are owed and reparations are due to the American Descendants of Slavery. The American economic system and the generational wealth of white Americans was generated and accumulated from slavery, Jim Crow, Black Codes, Convict Leasing, NO Green New Deal, NO GI Bill, Redlining, War on Drugs, Mass Incarceration and now, Covid19. Data has proven that by 2053, Black America will have ZERO net wealth. We have no time to wait! Reparations are due and reparations are now!

I am Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Candidate for the United States Senate (Georgia) and here is my plan: "Establish the legal definition of the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), establish a federal agency to collect, manage and maintain a national registry of ADOS and create policy to address the needs of ADOS including but not limited to reparations in the form of cash payments, low-to-no interest home loans, low-to-no interest small business loans, set-aside opportunities for government contracts, college tuition reimbursement, student loan debt cancellation and funding for HBCU's."

Help me take this BOLD agenda to Washington. Please DONATE to my campaign to the United States Senate,


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