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A Letter to White Democrats and White Progressives

Tamara Johnson-Shealey

Dear White Democrats and White Progressives,

The work from the 1960’s is still not done. We are in the center of the next Civil Rights Movement and on the verge of a Civil War. You are the children of the white Moderates that Dr. King wrote about in his Letter From the Birmingham Jail OR you are the Moderates, yourselves, witnessing a replay of America’s ugly history.

I write this letter to share with you that black America, specifically #ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery), are willing to hand you another 4 years of Donald Trump. Now before you become hysterical, this relinquish of power to Donald Trump is not because #ADOS wants to or intends to vote for Donald Trump. That is not the case. #ADOS has a specific demand.

In this time in history, the needs of black Americans must be addressed with specific policy and for #ADOS that specific policy is reparations. Again, I am writing this letter to you because #ADOS is very serious about the demand for reparations and will be skipping the presidency on the ballot if that demand is not met. #ADOS' down-ballot strategy is to focus on candidates below the presidency who have agendas specific to local needs versus a presidency where #ADOS has been ignored. So, as you can see, #ADOS is left with no choice.

However, America can get this right. I am Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Candidate for the United States Senate (Georgia) and reparations is on my agenda. I am very specific about the redress for black America and I have a specific plan for reparations. White Democrats and White Progressives, now is YOUR time to finish the work of the Civil Rights Movement. Now is YOUR time to end this festering Civil War and now is YOUR time to help get to the root of what is ailing black America. I ask that you please DONATE to my campaign and let’s work together to make sure WE never repeat this ugly American history again,


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