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Message To The Church

Pastors, bring us home… I had the pleasure of visiting the Metropolitan Atlanta Baptist Minister Union on Tuesday to share the advocacy efforts of Georgia HB89 and wanted to shout all over the church. Pastor Tellis Chapman, from Detroit, Michigan, was the guest preacher and delivered a phenomenal word. Granted, I didn’t know who he was until he shared his candidacy for President of the National Baptist Convention but I have to tell you, I was moved to tears by his sermon. I didn’t even know I was full until the singing of the hymns. That’s when I knew GOD was moving and when the sermon was preached, I knew I was done. I grew up Baptist and Tuesday was a genuine experience with GOD that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Pastors, bring us home… There are generations out here blowing in the wind, fighting battles in their own strength. Generations that know GOD and love GOD but have lost faith in the church. Bring them into the house of GOD, watch GOD be GOD and watch the spirit move... Join us in the fight for reparations:


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