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Raphael Warnock, We Will Withhold The Vote!

Raphael Warnock, I was hopeful that you would do the right thing. I did not want to write this. I did not want to fight to make you address reparations. I did not want to fight to demand that you have a specific black agenda but you, sir, have given me no choice.

How dare you stand in the pulpit of Dr. King and NOT have a plan for black people? How dare you use the church, the most sacred institution of the black community and the legacy of Ebenezer Baptist Church for your own, personal political gain? I don’t have to tell you the plight of black America. You know it, as it is evident right outside the doors of Ebenezer, with the number of homeless black people in Atlanta's gentrified communities.

Raphael Warnock, we will not play politics with you and nor will we play politics with the lives of black people. You are now in position and you have chosen NOT to address reparations for the Descendants of American Chattel Slavery and you have chosen NOT to have a specific Black Agenda, therefore Raphael Warnock, WE WILL WITHHOLD THE VOTE,


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